AWS Certified Solutions Architect
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AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Quick post – I’ve been busy studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam for the past few weeks – good news, I passed it a few days ago! Shoot me a note if you ever need some solutions architected.

I primarily did this because I’ve been using AWS for years now – but so has everyone else – this would be a differentiator. There was also a lot missing in-between the cracks (I learned how to give instances in a private subnet Internet access to install/update software without giving them public IP addresses and without spending hours reading Stack Overflow posts).

Resources I used:

Some notes:

  • Know VPCs, subnets, and how to do everything related to them. I’d say almost half of the exam was about networking of some sort.
  • More Route53 questions than I expected. Know how Route53 interfaces with other AWS services like ELB and such.
  • Flag questions and come back to them. Some tricky questions about routing traffic between subnets tripped me up.
  • Know about DynamoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, Aurora, and ElastiCache – probably forgetting some.

Good luck with studying!

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